Wedding Ceremonies

Western Style Wedding Ceremony

Whether you choose to host your wedding ceremony on the beach, hillside, tropical garden, in a private villa, resort, on a private island or boat your ceremony can include any of the following:

Celebrant or reverend, bridal bouquets, flowers, petal confetti, hair and makeup stylists, unity sand ceremony, butterfly release, venue lighting and decorations, canapes, a buffet, sit down or walking street style dinner, DJ’s, bands and live music, wedding cake, fireworks and fire dancers.

Our team will assist you with arranging a legal or non legal symbolic ceremony.

Thai Style Wedding Ceremony

If you prefer we can offer a traditional Thai styled wedding ceremony including a Buddhist monk blessing and a Traditional Thai long drum parade.

Buddhist ceremonies are a more spiritual style and they are often longer then a traditional western ceremony. They are an excellent way of showing your guests the more traditional side of Thailand.

Legal Wedding

To legalize a wedding in Thailand can appear to be a complicated procedure, however we are pleased to work with our agents based in Bangkok and Koh Samui who will ensure that the process is kept simple.

The legal process for a marriage in Thailand requires you to visit your respective embassies in Bangkok to obtain a statutory declaration that verifies that you are single and free to marry. Our agents will prepare your paperwork prior to you visiting; they will then meet you in Bangkok and take you to the embassy. Once your paperwork has been submitted you are free to explore the city and your paperwork will be sent to Koh Samui.

On your wedding day an officer from the Amphor office will attend the ceremony for you to sign the official certificate of marriage. The paperwork will then be translated and sent to you to register your marriage in your own country.